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With the strength of a pool of former PETRONAS trainers and consultants having over 30 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, HTS Opulent Empire was established to provide the best possible technical training and consultation to all levels of oil and gas industry players in order to meet the know-how, human resource and market demand domestically and also, abroad.

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Personnel Competency Training

Are you searching for a training program that can make you understand IECEx standards requirements well and prepare yourself for the IECEx Certification of Personnel Competency?


A training program meant for individuals who are involved or associated with hazardous areas. It is also a preparatory program designed for maintenance personnel, inspector, repairer and electrical installations designer who wish to undertake assessment and certification under the IECEx 05 scheme.


The units of competence that you can go for:


Job Function

Units of Competence


Ex 000

Safety Officer, Managerial level

Ex 001

Equipment Installer

Ex 001, Ex 003

Maintenance personnel

Ex 001, Ex 004

Equipment repairer

Ex 005


Ex 001, Ex 007, Ex 008

Electrical installation designer

Ex 001, Ex 009


Personnel Competency Advanced Training for IECEx certified inspector

A technical training program meant for inspection personnel focusing on reporting techniques for inspection and maintenance works in the Explosive Atmospheres (IEC 60079-17)


Report writing is a key deliverable of an inspection and maintenance. The responsible person or operative is required to generate inspection reports detailing the verification dossier review, inspection activity performed, grade of inspections, equipment or installations that have been checked and observed during the inspection visits. The findings are normally recorded in a standard format, and follows a consistent approach specified by the client.


  • Do you face difficulty to report your critical findings in the inspection report?
  • Is your reporting in line with the requirements of IEC 60079-17 standard requirements?
  • How to make sure that you have captured the right information in your hazardous area inspection report?
  • How to generate a comprehensive hazardous area inspection report that is well understood and accepted by the client?


If you have one or more problems mentioned above, join our 2 days session – Training on reporting techniques for inspection and maintenance in the explosive atmospheres.


With our decades of accumulative hands-on experience in the oil and gas industry as well as managing the IECEx assessment and certification, we are able to assist you accordingly. Our trainers were former INSTEP senior training instructors and SIRIM IECEx certification manager.

Inspection and Maintenance Company – Consultation and Training Program (IECEx 03 Part 4 Scheme Certification Preparatory Program)

A comprehensive consultation and training program for an organization or a company involved in providing inspection and maintenance services on installations in the explosive atmospheres pursuing to go for assessment and certification under the IECEx 03 Part 4 scheme)

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